Rules for posting on the website

Dear reader, we appreciate your willingness to respond to the articles posted on our website, to take part in the discussions. However, we have a few rules for posting comments on the website, which we kindly advise you to read.

  1. Sign your comment, if it is possible. Unsigned comments are not highly regarded. We would also ask you to send us your e-mail address that will not be posted.
  2. When you quote an article, please do it accurately. It would be better, if you also mention the URL (uniform resource locator), if there is such.
  3. Please avoid disseminating offensive and defamatory information when leaving a comment. Or else, your comments can be removed from the site. You may challenge the content, but don’t harass the author or other commenters.
  4. Comments that are based on hatred toward a person or a group of people or on the stereotypes regarding religion, sexual orientation, nationality or age will not be posted either.
  5. One must not post the e-mail of an ordinary citizen, his/her phone number or address without his/her consent.
  6. Don’t spread spam. Don’t try to seize the opportunity of posting on our website for commercial purposes. Otherwise, the possibility of commenting on our website from your e-mail might be completely blocked.
  7. Don’t write the whole comment with capital letters. It is preferable not to use transliteration, the Latin-alphabet Armenian – it is difficult for reading.
  8. If your comment does not appear on the website within a reasonable period of time and you know that the reason for that is not the violation of these rules, send a message to the editor.