Terms of advertising

Price for 1cm²:

Front page – 600 AMD,

2nd-3rd – 480 AMD,

4th-5th – 360 AMD,

6th-8th – 200 AMD,

Discounts only for Pages 7 and 8.

There are special prices for advertisements not related to business (e.g. about missing or selling) – price for one-line advertisement 2000 AMD, for two-line 3000 AMD.

Supplements added to the newspaper cost 10000 AMD

We offer you to use discounts for posting banners on the website of our newspaper.

Posting a banner on the front part of Aravot.am website (along the full length) costs 200 000 AMD per month.

For placing banner at the right and left corners (a little lower) you will be charged 40 000 and 30 000 AMD per month respectively.

A banner in the center of the articles on our website costs 50 000 AMD.

All the mentioned prices include 20% VAT.

Your commercial is in safe hands

Phone.: +37460 27 48 01.

[email protected]

Terms for adding a supplement

Advertiser brings a copy of the supplement to the newspaper office one day before the publication to get the consent of the office, mentioning the day of issuing, showing the stamp of the institution and the signature of the person in charge, which verify financing the advertisement and its legality. Advertiser has an opportunity to choose the range of spreading:

–         All over the Republic

–         Only in the city ofYerevan

–         Only in booths

Regardless of the range, the service of spreading a supplement through “Aravot” costs 100.000 AMD, VAT included